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On 24 March 1992 at the 3rd reactor of Leningradskaja nuclear power station (also know as Sosnovy Bor - 3 ) Light Water Graphite Reactor (RBMK of Chernobyl type).

On 13 June illegal manifestation against Leningradskaja NPS took place near Kazan cathedral in Piter (St.Peterburg). Anti-nuclear campaign of Association of Anarchist Movements (ADA) was starting.

On 26 June near Sosnovy Bor at a distance of 1 kilometre from Leningradskaja NPS, ADA placed the protest camp (about 40 persons from Piter, Saratov, Murmansk and Shahty) under the slogan "Stop Leningradskaja NPS development". The ADA's anti-nuclear committee adopted a petition to G-7 summit address ("Group of Seven" include USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan) against supporting Russian nuclear program.

On 16 July protest action of ADA was broken off.

Sources: SEA # 19,21,22/23,24, Third Way # 25.
Contacts: Olga Pitsunova Bol.Kazachja 84-3a, 410600 Saratov, Russia.
Peter Raush Poetichesky bulvar 11-4-2, 190000 St.Peterburg, Russia.


Udege is a small native Siberian people. "Hyunday"is a South Korean company, which cut down old growth Siberian forests near Bikin river, where live approximately 500 Udege and 100 Russians (settlement Krasny Yar).

On 5 August 1992 Udege and Russian began protest action against plundering the forests. 3 foreign ecologists ( Bill Pfeiffer from USA, Patrick Anderson from England and John Seed from Australia) joined to Udege.

On 10 August Udege placed their tents in the middle of the forest and shot at "Hyundai"s workers by blank cartridges. Forester was taken as a hostage.

On 11 August Udege held a picket in front of Primorje Land Administration building (Vladivostok). The head of Land Administration Vladimir Kuznetsov said then that Udege were "tipsy Indians".

Many CIS and foreign ecological organizations sent protest letters and faxs to Vladivostok against the actions of "Hyundai" and of the Primorje Land Administration.

Sources: SEA # 26,27,28, Third Way # 25.
Contacts: via Socio-Ecological Union P.O.Box 211, Moscow 121019 Russia.


The "Rainbow Keepers" are a radical green organization which in cooperation with the greens and anarchist groups held many protest actions against dangerous nuclear and chemical the projekts in the former USSR. "Viking-raps"is a joint projekt of Lipetsk Regional Administration and the Swedish company "Karlshamns A.B."

On 15 June near the settlement Lenino (a suburb of Lipetsk) "Rainbow Keepers", together with the Initiative of Revolutionary Anarchists (IREAN), the League of Green Parties and "Ecodefence group" placed the protest camp (about 25 participants from Lipetsk, Dzerzhinsk, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Solnechnogorsk, Kenigsberg and Kiev.) Every day in Lipetsk the "Rainbow Keepers" and others held pickets under the slogan "Viking-raps"? No Thanks!"

On 29 June there was an attack of the Regional Administration building. Greens and Anarchists seized the office of the head of the Regional Administration, they placed black banner of IREAN on the roof. Special anti-terroristic subdivision released the office and arrested 12 participants. But after day the case was shut.

On 12 July "Rainbow Keepers" Placed the tent in the middle of the Lenin Square in Lipetsk. On the next day KGB arrested the tent with 2 participants in it and removed them to Lipetsk' suburb. But in the evening the picket on the Lenin Square was continue.

On 23 July 15 participants were arrested, after they had blocked the session of the Regional Soviet.

On 5 August in front of the Regional Administration building, greens and anarchists held an illegal manifestation (about 500 persons) and 4 activists climbed on the roof of the building and drew "Stop Viking raps!"

On 12 August the head of Lipetsk Regional Administration Gennady Kuptsov signed a document decreeing that construction of "Viking-raps" should be broken off.

Sources: Third Way # 25
Contacts: Sergey Fomichov,Tereshkovoy 28a-49, 606029 Dzerzhinsk, Russia.